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Looking for a way to celebrate thats different, wow and exciting? 🎉Our Piñata cakes are designed to be smashing fun for everyone of all ages!! 🔨 Hammer and fun guaranteed!

All figurines are handcrafted to detail & is fully edible unless otherwise stated. Each figurine takes hours to handcraft, with our cake artisans creating each detail to resemble the actual product or subject as close as possible. As each cake is handcrafted, please note that it may vary slightly for each final product delivered.

*Please note that a min of 7 days is needed for all orders. If your order lead time is less than 7 days, please contact us directly.

Ballerina Piñata Cake

SKU: PC_Balle
  • Piñata Cake measures 8" in diameter. The exterior is made from White Chocolate and the interior contains one 6" Chocolate cake to serve and topped with Assorted Candies.


    *Fairylights NOT EDIBLE

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